ASTRO’s Jinjin will be missing from scheduled activities due to ill health medical conditions

On February 6th, ASTRO‘s agent Fantagio issued an update to fans regarding Jinjin‘s current health. The agency also announced that Jinjin is taking time off from his planned schedules. The schedules that will be reinstated will be announced afterward.

The complete statement reads:


This is Fantagio.

On the evening of 5th of February Jinjin went to the hospital. He is currently taking a break following treatment for his ill health. But his health isn’t improving, so Jinjin returned to the hospital on the 6th of February to undergo a thorough exam and was informed by the medical team that he requires adequate rest and treatment.

In this regard, we want to inform you of the fan-signing event to celebrate the release of Jinjin & Rocky (ASTRO)’s debut mini album “Restore” which was scheduled to take place on the ED live Artist Class at 4:30pm KST, is being postponed.

Jinjin’s health will be monitored and let you know if the plan will continue in the future.

We’d like to apologize to those who waited to see the date for today’s schedule.

We consider on the wellbeing of the artist’s first and we will do our best to help the artist recover quickly.”

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