April’s Chaewon reports that police have discovered Hyunjoo “not guilty” of propagating false information, and she details her reasoning and plans to appeal the decision

On February 2nd, April’s former member Chaewon gave fans an update on her ongoing lawsuit against former bandmate Lee Hyunjoo, publicizing her situation on her YouTube channel.

First, Chaewon revealed;

“Recently, I have filed a lawsuit against the defendant for distributing false details about me, such as allegations of bullying within our group and that I had a relationship with the manager. The police have now found that the defendant is not in any way guilty’ and I am currently in the process of submitting an appeal to this ruling.

Chaewon was then able to discuss the specifics of the police report including the reason why the investigation ended with the defendant not being found guilty.

In the report the police found that;

“The testimony of witnesses such as the participants of April as well as the agency of the group’s president, its manager as well as the group’s former members and teachers of choreography cannot be considered reliable because of their close ties with the defendant. It is also difficult to decide whether the claims are classified as completely false because of the fact that the members’ connection to a group as well as their personal views are subjective. It is therefore difficult to determine that the facts are true in a objective manner. In addition, the evidence presented by the defendant, including the diary entry of her, writings from trainees working under the same company at the time of her resignation from the company and so on cannot be regarded as false. In addition, there are grounds to believe that the relationship claims made by one of the managers and plaintiff could be exaggerated. However because of the witness’s inability to give evidence, it’s difficult to establish the claims is real or false.”

Concerning the report of the police Chaewon said that the police erred in determining whether certain witnesses are “reliable” while others were “unreliable” under questionable criteria. Chaewon further stated that the manager who was accused of having a relationship with her provided evidence in denial of the accusation through an Kakao Talk message; however the police decided not to take this as evidence.

In the end, Chaewon remarked;

“I took painstaking steps in gathering the testimonials of many acquaintances to reveal the truth. However, all I got in return were the same rulings of ‘not guilty. In the hope that others are not enduring the pain I endured in the face of being accused of lying facts, I’ve taken the decision to file an appeal. I hope that the truth comes out. I’ve discovered that it’s extremely hard to prove the truth in court. However, I have always told truthfully, and I have no reason to conceal.”

You can view Chaewon’s complete YouTube clip below;

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