Apink’s Eunji donates 1000 kg of food to abandoned dogs shelter

Apink‘s Eunji gave away 1000kg of food to abandoned dogs shelter.

Eunji was a part of the fashion label ACBF for which she has recently was made an official model. ACBF is also planning to launch a new collection that is based on Eunji specifically “MEONG 1993”.

ACBF‘s official statement can be summed up as the following:

“Along with Eunji together, we gave away 1 ton of dog food to a shelter for abandoned dogs. ACBF remembers this moment with Eunji and we pondered what to keep in mind, and finally chose to commemorate the moment to remember as just a minor alteration in the course of life, not an event that happens once.

So, we considered ways to improve the lives of animals who have been abandoned and began donating food to help solve the urgent food shortage. As spring is sure to follow a winter that was cold and cold We hope that the wounded hearts of kids will be treated with joy as the sun rises.”

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