Another accused victim shares her story of LE SSERAFIM member Kim Garam’s intimidation

Le Serafim‘s Kim Garam is currently on the road for 18 days following her debut due to a school bullying scandal, but it appears there are more details about her allegations of bullying.

Then, on May 20th, HYBE Labels/Source Music released an official statement that outlined Kim Garam’s story regarding the reason she was previously a participant in the School Violence Countermeasures Committee session in her first year in middle school. It was also announced that the member’s absence was temporary.

The official statement came shortly after the alleged victim of bullying, Yoo Eunseo‘s legal firm, Daeryun, issued a statement outlining the details of the incident.

On May 21st, a different suspected victim came forward to tell her story of Kim Garam’s bullies. According to the revelations of the DM’s claim, the alleged victim states:

“Hey, (redacted), I was Kim Garam’s classmate back when she was at the beginning of her middle school year. I fell on her notebook, so I apologized and grabbed it. Then Kim Garam blasted me if I was blind also because my mother is disabled and then went on to say that I shouldn’t be walking around when I’m blind. The group also began to target me the next day in school and also on Facebook. I was tempted to expose her, but am afraid of being retaliated against. Can you do this information on my behalf? Please? I’m sorry for making you feel uncomfortable.”

She also claimed to have heard that the director of HYBE visited the suspected victim, Yoo Eunseo’s college, and attempted to silence students.


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