Anonymous woman claims that an ex girl idol group member ‘A’ to having an affair her husband and becoming pregnant

A recent post on the online community is making news due to the shocking allegations.

In the last week, a woman who was not identified joined an online community to denounce a female star”A” that she was having an affair with her husband, and even having a baby.

The woman said:

“I am a ‘recentlywed woman’ that has been with a husband for 3 months since. My husband, however, had an affair with “A” and she is now expecting a baby.”

This anonymous web-surfer continued

“After I discovered the relationship, my husband instantly admitted all of it. He claimed that the child of ‘A’s was probably not his. I was skeptical since ‘A’s relationship with him was at about an entire year. When I first met “A”, she told me the kid was my husband’s son, however she had plans to get an abortion as she didn’t want the child to be born. Then she asked me to be able to pay for the abortion. She warned me that if I refused to cover the cost of the abortion she’d give birth to the baby and demanded child support.”


“My husband pleaded with me to bring him back because ‘A’ was likely to have an abortion regardless. However, I was unable to believe his claims and asked him to get divorce. As I asked for a divorce and he acted like a man with true colours. He told me that he’d divorce me when I paid off his fines and debts. As I was preparing for divorce, “A” contacted me again , and told me she would be even suing my husband.”

The anonymous accuser concluded the post by the following:

” ‘A’ came into the world in 1988. She was part of the group of three girls.”

The community’s online post was later deleted.

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