Actress Kim Min Hee as well as Director Hong Sang Soo to make their debut public appearances in 2 decades at Berlin International Film Festival

Kim Min Hee, a Korean actress, is invited to attend the Berlin International Film Festival’ alongside the director Hong Sang Soo. They will be appearing at the international festival after a gap of two years.

According to an insider in the film industry on February 2, the two actors will attend the 72nd Berlin International Film Festival that will take on the 10th of this month. Kim Min Shee, Director Hong Sang Soo have been invited to film “The Novelist’s Film.”

Kim Min Hee starred in the film as the lead character along with Lee Hye Young and Seo Young Hwa. She also took part in the making for the movie.

Kim Min Hee as well as director Hong Sang Soo’s debut public appearance since the year 2020, when they took part in the 70th Berlin International Film Festival. The two were invited to play their role in the film “The Woman Who Ran.”

Directors Hong as well as the actor were both invited to attend the 71st Berlin International Film Festival last year, but were not able to go because of COVID19.

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