A Pink’s Chorong dismisses an action against the fake accuser

A Pink‘s Chorong has dismissed the lawsuit she brought to a false accuser.

As previously mentioned, Chorong was embroiled in the school’s bullying scandal due to a rumored former classmate A claimed she was guilty of bullying at school and claimed Chorong repeatedly assaulted her. Chorong was able to sue A for defamation as well as threat to her by spreading fake information. The police found they believed that A was threatening Chorong with threats and brought the matter before the prosecutor. Then, in the month of November 2021, the charges were made about Chorong were proven to be untrue.

On March 28, 2013 the company that represents Chorong, IST Entertainment released a statement that announced that she had withdrawn the lawsuit she had filed with the false accused. The statement reads:

“Hello, this is Pink Chorong’s Agency IST Entertainment.

Concerning the various controversies and issues that surfaced last year, we’re letting you know we are able to inform you that Park Chorong and A have settled all issues and are working on dismissing the lawsuits brought against one another.

Recently, the two met with one another and took time to talk to each one another. They were able to resolve the differences that caused them to abandon one another at first in the last 13 years, through sincere conversations.

After a long debate and a lengthy discussion, they have resolved all disagreements between them . They have agreed to put an end to all of the tiring arguments. In addition, they have decided to end lawsuits they’ve filed against one in the past and resume their normal lives prior to when everything went to hell.

IST Entertainment is grateful for your ongoing support. We apologize for creating anxiety for the majority of you.

Thank you for your support.”

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