A former Crayon Pop member Soyul announces she is expecting her second child

A former Crayon Pop member Soyul announced that she along with her husband Moon Hee Jun have another baby!

On February 4, KST Moon Hee Jun and Soyul joined their channel on YouTube to share the video: “JamJam is getting an older sibling!”. The video shows their oldest child Hee Yool, also known as JamJam demanded from Moon Hee Jun what she was doing. In response Moon Hee Jun smiled broadly and replied:

“I’m getting ready to listen to the sound of the heartbeat. You have now a younger sibling.

I’m thrilled that you have an older sibling. It’s going be much more enjoyable having a younger sibling around than if you’re playing on your own. When I shared with your schoolmates about my younger sibling, they were all jealous.”

Moon Hee Jun has since said that the morning sickness of Soyul is very severe, and she said:

“Soyul is eating only milk and bread with castella. While pregnant with Hee Yool (JamJam) She consumed only rice and tuna.”

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