A cam-girl reveals that the leader of a boy band, demanded a reimbursement when she refused to meet him in person

A camera girl revealed that the name of a man she idolized requested a refund when she refused to see with him personally.

On March 21 the channel ‘Afreeca TV‘ BJ Haru came out about an altercation that involved a male idol. She posted on her YouTube channel: posted:

“He asked to meet me personally He said he was my biggest fan. I declined because I was uncomfortable.”

After she turned him down but the idol star sent her messages demanding the return of the ‘balloons’ that he had spent on their livestream.

In the photos of DM’s, that idol’s member wrote:

“Do you know the reason I asked you to sing using balloons? I wanted to hear your voice. Following that, I discovered that your body, face as well as your dancing were not what I was looking for in any way. I’m not sure of how successful you are today, but I’ll be watching how long you’ll keep your big ego after I’ve seen people who are cold-heartedly resentful of being in love with the first glance.”

He was later reported to have demanded a refund, claiming she had hurt his feelings while dealing with media issues in recent times. BJ Haru continued:

“I was unhappy because I was feeling like the man thought that I had it easy.”

She then presented an official receipt that refunded the total amount, less charges, which were 1.689,870 KRW (about USD $1,378).

The BJ didn’t change his name, but it was simple enough for internet users to determine who the idol was to him by looking up the group’s name on his ID. It was also reported that the idol approached Wikitree concerning the matter.

To Wikitree the A idol stated:

“I’m considering taking her to court. Since the DUI incident up to this point I’m taking strict legal measures for defamation. I’ll shortly share my side of the story on the YouTube channel I have created.”

He also changed his YouTube channel’s community to say he’ll share the truth when he reaches 100k subscribers.

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