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Kda (2018~)

Aespa (2020~)

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1. They look so bad. You can just tell that the drawing itself sucks. The faces are the only pretty things to look at, but the bodies are so unnatural and the poses are so disproportionate. 
Why do we have to compare with Riot? ;; These just can't even be compared..If they're planning to release this to the general public, they will judge on the quality for sure

2. If they're planning to compare them with game graphics quality, of course it's going to be different;; Game character developers are doing that as their job and their company is a wall too 

3. I remember when Kda first appeared, I was wondering what was the hype with 2D idols, but ended up watching 5 videos a day ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅜ

4. They should've used that money to invest in the members themselves instead. Why are they using it like that?

5. Aespa's concept is just a miss for me, currently, LoL is holding the gaming industry by its hands and SM isn't even able to compete with their characters, what are they going to do.. 

6. Character designs aside, the logo just looks countrified. Just imagine this moving, it'll look even more countrified 

7. All I can think is that they wasted a huge amount of money of bad 3D characters. I know nothing is settled, but Aespa will get so dragged for this debut because of that. Riot releasing Kda is part of their core job functions, they're the result of a lot of people working on tech development, graphics, etc
But if you look at SM? An entertainment company with a huge influence, yet they're acting like a small/medium size company with the way they think. In other words, it's impossible for them to win over Riot's Kda. 

8. It's almost plagiarism 

9. SM really lost their touch 

10. I'm so embarrassed for them... 

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