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   These are their journalist pictures. At this rate, all of them are pretty

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1. [+239, 27]
F*cking pretty.. I screencapped this from her fancam on YT and she's seriously freaking pretty. She's the prettiest in STAYC. She really looks like a barbie doll

2. [+188, -18]
If they look like that on journalist pictures, aren't they considered pretty..? Why are the comments so mad?

3. [+186, -10]
She looks the prettiest. Seriously, her face is daebak..

4. [+144, -160]
I acknowledge that they are pretty but they look a bit different from their teasers...

5. [+138, -24]
They are prettier than Aespa

6. [+119, -11]
But normally, when there's a new idol group and the kids are pretty, don't we always get posts about them? Why are you guys guys so pressed every time it's about them?... me too, the first time I saw them, I found them pretty. They are getting the recognition they deserve

7. [+88, -7]
She looks like Twice Dahyun with double eyelids

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